you know its your birthday when...

your hubby wakes up on his first sleep-in-day in weeks to make you breakfast
takes the spare key to secretly clean your car while your at work
& bakes you a coconut cake

this was the best birthday yet!
i had to work but that went by fast. derek and i met up with my family to eat at Benihanas in SLC.
It was so delicious. I have a thing for seared Ahi Tuna, and man was it good!
Our cook Lobsang gave us a lovely show while cooking our food.
i didn't understand a thing he said all night.
then they brought a drum & tambourine and sang the most obnoxious Happy Birthday song, 
and i absolutely loved it!
i got some lovely sorbet, which surprised my whole family
(i'm a chocolate and peanut butter vs fruit ice cream flavor girl)

as we were leaving we noticed this lot full of what looked like rebar
we ran through it shaking the sticks and sword fighting.
derek and zach were not amused.
we raced home playing the whoever-can-find-the-cop-wins-game
Derek's extended family came over to our humble abode for the delicious coconut cake he baked.

it was quite the day.
i have always been a little over excited about my birthday in the past, and turn it into a birthday weekend or month. and my sweet derek played along with my craziness. 
he is THE sweetest. 
i love him. 
i love my family
and i love not being a 'teenager' anymore!

being 20 feels great already




  1. Where the pictures at?!

  2. happy birthday talia! what a fun day :) love you