why hello August.

how is it august already?
but there are some great things to look forward to..
my birthday is right around the corner
and then we're off to el salvador
even a little Moto Cross
but then its back to school... {yikes!}
Sunday my Mama made us grilled peaches with ice cream.
doesn't taste much better then that.
we played some cards & had fun with my fam.

Yesterday Derek & I rode the train to the SLC Bees Game
Everyone kept yelling "Homer!" so I leaned over to D's Gma and said "who is homer?"
she then told me it meant 'Homerun.'
embarrassed? yes. did i care? no.
i've never been a big sport fan, i hardly know all the rules to track and I've been competing since i was 10. but don't worry Derek is slowly teaching me.


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