my crazy day.

so today i had an interview for my dream job as a Phlebotomist!
I was so proud to have landed this interview without having any connects- from "who i know"
I was running late and the interview was at this hospital i had only ever been to once, when i was the patient. 
So i didn't no where i was going. 
I figured the main entrance would be by the ER. It wasn't. 
I ran from my car inside to see if it connected. It didn't. 
So I took off my heals and sprinted to my car. 
I speed around to the opposite side of the building, parked, took off my heals and booked it inside, 
sweating profusely by this time! 
I made it inside right at 9:45am, slipped on my shoes and waited to be helped. 
I was frantically trying to make myself stop sweating but my heart was pumping from all this adrenaline.
 (I Hate being late)
When they came to get me for the interview, they apologized for making me wait!
I was so relieved they couldn't tell by my sweaty hand shake that i had been on a stressful goose-chase, and had a minor panic attack for pushing my time on getting there!
needless to say... it went good and i should be hearing back shortly.


I hit up Costco today with my home girl Mandie
and we were in-and-out in 
15 minutes!

lets just say i'm glad to have this rushed day behind me!
but honestly, i wouldn't have my life any other way.


  1. talia that is awesome! what hospital is it? i have to get my blood drawn all the time, and it would be a dream come true to have you as a phlebotomist

  2. it is Ogden Regional, and that would be cool if you were my patient, they say i'm pretty gentle :)