derek and i have been cherishing our final days of summer. he has been working his butt off at the Motor Cross at Powder Mtn. and work too. we forgot to pack sunscreen on our little trip to el salvador, and have been suffering ever since. last night i made a little concoction of brown sugar and soap to help get rid of all his dead skin. (this was my responds to him asking me to peel off the 'big chunks.') i hit up savers after work hunting for some overalls and found some other treasures along the way. (including that little locket below that i fastened into an earring.)now i just have to find some tiny photos to put inside oh and did i mention my mama gave us a scale, and i have been regretting it ever since. i am now beginning to miss being a part of the weber state univeristy track team. summer has sped by and i have loved it but i am not to excited to start memorizing anatomical terms and body functions yet again. i do like being a student but i just can't wait for it to be over. 

p.s. Dear August, you will always be my favorite month.
Love, Talia

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