funny conversations over the past couple of days.

on the freeway...

Zach-Oh did you see that cutie? she gave me 'the eye'
Zeke- she was wearing sunglasses!
Zach- No, the girl in the front seat.
Derek-She had a lazy eye

over facebook...

Zach - ha to who ever toilet papered my house and im almost a hundred percent posotive who did it you need to learn how to get the job done right cuz it seriously took me five minutes no joke to clean it up like it was the worse toilet paper job ever if your gonna try to be kool and mess with someones house dont waste your time if you dont know how haha pathetic haha

Zeke - you didn't even clean it up

Mom - Sounds like zach is asking the guilty party for a redue. The rest of the family thought it was a very lovely job. No need to try and redeem yourself.

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