the house sitters.

my family has been in cali this past week and a half so Derek and I have been house and dog sitting. its a nice change to come from our cozy apt to our family's lovely mountain get away. we have been enjoying the great trails, golf course, lake, clear starry nights, campfires and of course their food! i swear we have eaten s'mores every night!
we took our the boat the other night with our newly married friends Jordan & Shelby Bybee.
and  apparently i get really intense when i'm surfing.
derek tried to teach how to drive so he could surf but that didn't go very well.
and those things may have a steering wheel, but it doesn't do a dang thing!
 we had such a fun time with just the 4 of us.
(because that boat is usually overflowing with friends)

last night after work derek took me golfing for the 2nd time in my life! and i actually enjoyed it.
 i only hit the ball every 5th time but hey, i'm still learning. and he's a really great teacher. 
then Mandie & Payden came up for camp fire and yes more s'mores.

we've been have a great time. and did i mention after a few dreadful hours at the post office i renewed my passport because we are going to 
El Salvador!
yes it is true. in a few short weeks we will be jet setting to central america
& i just can't wait 



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  1. Love your blog Talia. Looks like you have had a fun time! Xoxo