that one time he put a ring on it.

exactly one year ago we got engaged! i cannot believe how fast time has gone by. here is how it all went down-derek and i were up snowboarding at powder mountain. (which was after my family talked us out of going on a snow hike) we were over on a quieter side of the mountain where you have to take a pommel lift to get too. derek told me we should take a picture. i was excited because derek hardly ever enjoys taking pictures, (this should of been a sign something was up.) i put the self-timer on and hung my camera strap up in a tree. he took off his snowboard and gloves and i said, "what are you doing it's cold. put those back on." (another sign, yet still oblivious.) we stood next to each other while the timer light was flashing, i look to my side and see derek down on one knee. he asks. completely surprised, i freeze. he asks again. i say yes-and proceed to shout "I"M ENGAGED!" from the top of the mountain! and just like that, we were off to get married.Here are some other photos from that day. the first one being the acutual (!) proposal moment :)


  1. your ring is GORGEOUS! i also love that he thought to have a camera snapping away while it happened. i seriously hope my future hubs catches ours on film.

    1. kylee you are so sweet! yes i was so delighted that the moment was caught. and having it on film would be even sweeter :)