a bit of our weekend.

derek & i hung out with some of our friends who just got a baby shihtzu puppy named Mushu! such a crazy puppy. it kind of made me sad to think that our apt doesn't allow pets, only until i glanced over at him peeing under the pool table. yeah no dog for us just yet. we played x-box kinnect. Derek didn't leave his blood on the basement ceiling this time, while the serving any volleyballs luckily.

We headed up to pineview reservoir to do some boating with my fam. derek surfed and tubbed with my little brother zeke. dad also taught D how to dock to boat, (so we can take it out ourselves!) the wind and gas light ran us off the water before we could have too much fun. but it is a good thing we live 20 mins away. we still have lots of summer days ahead to be spent on the lake.

ta ta

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